Sports Medicine

Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine is proud to be the sports medicine provider to area high schools and colleges.

We offer comprehensive care that includes education to prevent sports injuries, sports performance, and the healing and preservation of damaged joints through surgery and rehabilitation.

Our team of physicians include Dr. Matthew Pyle, sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeons Drs. Travis Rump and Todd Reilly. They provide specialty sports medicine care, whether it’s general sports medicine such as treating sports injuries, ultrasound guided joint injections, nutrition, concussion management or surgery. Plus, an A-team of certified athletic trainers and physical therapists who work with athletes at every level. Dr. Matthew Pyle is now certified to offer Aviation Medical Exams for Class 2 and 3. Call our office at 785-452-7366 to schedule an appointment.

At school, on the field or in our clinic, Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine has everything you need to get back in the game and keep you in the game.

Athletes & COVID-19: How to return to play safely following COVID-19 infection

After COVID-19 infection, your student-athlete's health care provider will help determine when it is safe to begin a graduated return to play progression based on their medical history, symptoms, severity of illness and previous level of activity. A graduated return to play progression will increase your athlete's activity level and allow you to monitor any lingering symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

Your athlete may begin Step 1 of the return to play progression once they are able to complete activities of daily living (i.e. walking around the house, dressing, daily hygiene tasks, etc) without worsening of symptoms and has been cleared by a healthcare provider for exercise, sports, or other activities.



Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine providers are now providing vCare (virtual healthcare) to patients! vCare provides convenient access to healthcare removing the need to come to the physician office for a visit. Patients can receive healthcare from the comfort of their own home! Not all visits are suitable for virtual care, so be sure to contact your healthcare provider to determine whether vCare is appropriate for your medical care